An introduction to some of the most discussed scenarios and technologies in the post-COVID-19 turnkey operations


About the webinars

In a series of webinars, the Turnkey Talks, Linxon and our partners invites you to learn more about electrical substations in the ‘new normal’ era, and the scenarios for the future:

How will we care about the environment by focusing on renewable energy sources and energy-efficient rail solutions?
How will the need of a digitalized grid impact the substation automation?
And, how do we as EPC specialist manage, operate and monitor our sites?

We look forward to seeing you virtually!



Turnkey talks: Floating Offshore Wind

Wednesday, January 27, 2021
4:00 PM – 5:00 PM CET

This webinar will present the floating substation concept under development jointly by Linxon, Atkins and Hitach ABB Power Grids.

The aim of the webinar will be to present:

a)  the project-specific conditions that determine the techno-economic viability of a floating substation to interconnect an offshore wind farm. These conditions include water depth, metocean environment, power levels as well as distance from shore.

b)  the developed floating substation design by describing its main features from the interconnection, equipment payload and naval perspective.

c)  the introduction of innovative strategies for construction, operation and maintenance that are specific to the proposed solution.

This webinar has previously been presented in the DeepWind Floating Offshore Wind Subgroup.



Post-COVID scenarios & EPC solutions: Railway Technology: Energy storage in wayside rail transit systems

Thursday December 17, 2020

There has been an increasing demand in recent years for traction power supply systems that are more environmentally friendly, energy efficient, and have a smaller footprint. Energy saving technologies of railway vehicle traction systems can be mainly categorized into two domains:

1. Energy storage system in wayside power supply system.

2. Energy recuperation system in wayside power supply system.

This talk will cover the essentials for energy recuperation and storage solutions for wayside power supply in transportation and how the comprehensive offering from Linxon and its partners can reduce operational cost, improve power supply efficiency and reduce life cycle cost.


Post-COVID scenarios: Impact on grid – substation automation


Thursday December 10, 2020

The post-COVID-19 social distancing rules are impacting the way substations are designed and built. A direct consequence will be the acceleration of the project digitalisation and power grid automation. Advanced trends and tested technologies in management of power substations will likely gain more adoption in the near future.

This webinar focuses on the trends and technologies of the next generation of substations, where a demand for an automated yet highly reliable power system is a must.

Join us to get an insight about how Linxon and our technology partner Hitachi ABB Grid Automation deliver digitalized solutions in this new reality post COVID.