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A psychologist and a leader in recruiting, Anastasia Volkova has over 15 years of international experience helping managers find and hire the best talent. Here, she shares her insights about how Linxon operates and why she decided to join the Linxon family.


Being just over 500 employees strong, Linxon is a fascinating and fast-growing business that brings a purpose to society,” Anastasia explains. “The company is a special start-up because it has two well-known parents that allow Linxon to combine an established reputation with the entrepreneurial spirit of a young company.”


As a leader in talent acquisition, Anastasia was keen to learn more about Linxon before joining the company. “What impressed me during the interview stage was the personal touch – I felt I wasn’t part of a conveyor belt process and it made me feel special. I met the leaders, who were down to earth and didn’t sugarcoat the challenges that were ahead of me,” she says. This meant that she could start her new job without any surprises, and the transparency experienced during the recruitment process helped her build trust with Linxon from day one.


Having been part of talent acquisition for over a decade and a half, Anastasia has spoken with thousands of candidates and, she says, a recurrent reason why they seek to change jobs is because they want to be appreciated and needed. At Linxon, managers make a conscious effort to demonstrate all the retention aspects which employees ask for. Operating in a lean environment creates a sense of community and gives a sense of empowerment, she explains, while communication lines and feedback are direct and instantaneous.


What I appreciate about Linxon is that there is little hierarchy, things get done quickly and individual efforts are recognized. Accountability is a key component of performance in any company, but at Linxon the sense of ownership drives us to go an extra mile with a smile,” she states.


Agility is key


Anastasia joined Linxon in April 2020 at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and the organization had to quickly adapt and change its hiring practices to support virtual hiring and onboarding. In response to the pandemic and for the longer term, Linxon introduced a hybrid working policy combining working from the office and working from home, showing the company’s readiness to support the new workplace reality and give reassurance to employees across the world.

When it comes to diversity and inclusion, Linxon walks the talk,” Anastasia has discovered. Studies show that COVID-19 has increased gender inequality, making it even more challenging for women to successfully find a balance between home and work. “Being a woman in a traditionally male engineering environment and being a single mum, I feel I have been given understanding, respect and space to successfully combine my professional duties with my personal life, fully supported by my manager and colleagues,” Anastasia comments.

Alongside the people aspect, Anastasia has also been inspired by the company’s purpose of shaping energy solutions to empower sustainable connectivity. “Linxon offers EPC turnkey solutions to our customers, but our contributions go beyond the products we offer,” she underlines. “We help solve environment-related issues, we augment the quality of life in communities around the world, we are in it together for a better future. If this is not fulfilling, then what is?


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